I found my doppelganger too!

My doppelganger

My doppelganger

All these talk about people locating their doppelganger sef. Glad I don’t have to worry about where mine is, because I already found him…on the wall of an H&M store on London’s Oxford Street! Lol. Anyway, dude’s a popular model, Armando Cabral.

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‘Wunmi & Yomi’s Pre-wedding Photo-shoot

Yes. I finally came out of the closet! Not that closet, man. Damn! I’m talking about finally letting the world know one secret about me. That I absolutely love making lovely images with my camera! Not what you thought, right?

Anyway, I recently did a photo-shoot of my dear friend, Yomi, and his fiancee, ‘Wunmi (They gon’ be man and wife by February 20, ya’ll).

Yomi and Wunmi

One thing about a great location and a lovely couple (and a photographer who knows how to suitably tweak the lights) is that you can absolutely preserve a beautiful moment forever in images.

Well, the couple told me not to reveal the location of the shoot though. Lol. More photos from the shoot below.

DSC_0394 copyDSC_0297DSC_0350 copy


Point and Kill: Lebanese waitress nearly collapsed when I asked for one of these


Such a beautiful sight

It was a gruelling day of training at Chancery Lane, London. By evening of last Thursday, the TFSummer14 crew headed out to a fancy Lebanese restaurant to let down our hairs and shove our faces into some really good food and wine.

I took a look at the table and became distressed instantly. I did not recognise a single dish on the heavily laden table. A nice and sympathetic waitress hovering behind me asked if I needed anything else and with an apologetic look, wordlessly, I pointed to the mini fish pond built into the floor with some gorgeous big fish in it.

Waitress took a mortified look at me, and said “Oh, no sir, they are not for eating” Her facial expression said something different though. It was like, “You crazy!! Those are for decoration!” Why on earth can’t they decorate my stomach?


Television Week was crazy!!

The most gruelling week of my multimedia training in London ended on Friday. It was the┬átelevision production week. And to think about how much I don’t know and how little the amazing skills I have learnt so far are compared to the numerous things I need to know about multimedia journalism! It’s just crazy! Thanks to Judy Aslett, Glen Mulcahy and Duncan Jones. You guys are truly great people. I though I might share some of the pictures from the week here. Enjoy.

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