Mortuaries are filled in Nigeria but hospitals reject patients

An Accident Scene in Nigeria; any paramedic in sight?

An Accident Scene in Nigeria; any paramedic in sight?

“While blood trickled from a side of the boss’ head on to his white attire as he sat on the side of the road, the driver, a man who seemed to be in his early 30s, could not even sit up. The young man was a sorry sight as he gasped. His jaw looked maligned while his eyes had swollen. Blood trickled from his nose and mouth. But there was simply nothing travellers standing around and shaking their heads could do for him.

“He simply bled, dying by each pint.”

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I was Alfa’s sex slave for 2 years, this Lagos housewife told me

“I narrated the dream to him and he told me that a spirit husband was behind my problem. He said the problem required an urgent solution so that the spirit husband would not be able to kill me. When he came, he brought out a razor and some medicine he had prepared and said he would need to make an incision on my private part. I asked why he couldn’t just explain how it would be done so that my husband could do it for me when he came back from work but he said that it was a taboo for husbands to handle such medicine.”

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I had to listen to this woman with an open mind as she told me this story. I still could not these things still happen.

My investigation on water in Lagos everyone is talking about


Water pipes run through drainages in Lagos. Photo: Kunle Falayi

“The result of the analysis revealed a frightening chemical and biological composition.
The silica level detected is 14.20, which is at least 400 times higher than the World Health Organisation’s acceptable maximum of 0.03. Phosphate, a chemical that causes digestive problems to both human and animal, is five times higher (at 5.176) than the maximum level permissible by the WHO (1.0). The analysis also reveals 0.498 level of Lead, a dangerous carcinogenic metal.”

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Here is the first part of the report: Lagos residents at risk from contaminated water(I)

I’m glad this report is getting reactions from appropriate quarters though. More updates later.

‘Please, don’t let me go back, she will sell me again’ Part 1 of my report on child slavery in Nigeria


Tosin Adeyanju has been a domestic slave all her life

Tosin Adeyanju rocked the six-month-old baby she was carrying gently to keep the child quiet. As the girl spoke, with a voice that belied the suffering and agony she had endured since she was a child, she looked around in fear.

“Please, help me, I don’t want to go back to that woman. She would take my child away from me and sell me again,” she said. For many days, before that encounter, Tosin had slept on street corners in Mushin area of Lagos – Nigeria’s biggest commercial city – with her baby before a woman, who had known her since she was a child, took her in temporarily.

According to the International Labour Organisation, an estimated 15 million Nigerian children under the age of 14 are trapped in exploitative servitude. Tosin was one of them.

Read her story in the first part of my series on child slavery in Nigeria: The Invisible Children: Agony of child slaves raped, abused by their bosses (Part I)

Last part of my report: Visit to the herbalists


A herbalist at work on one of his patients. Photo: Kunle Falayi

My visit to traditional healers of mental illnesses in Nigeria was really eye-opening. The extent of overhaul needed in Nigeria’s mental health system is simply staggering. I will say the investigation was really eye-opening for me. The fun part was hanging out with those herbalists. Lol
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He raped me for four years – 16-yr-old domestic help accuses boss: [Listen to his shocking confession]

Gloria and her baby

Gloria and her baby



16-year-old Gloria (not real name) told me she was 9 when her brother’s friend offered to take her in as a domestic help to ease the financial burden of her family. She alleged that the man, a 33-year-old trader in Lagos, started to abuse her sexually almost on daily basis two years after. She got pregnant and gave birth to a boy six months ago. Read all about it here: ‘Uncle’ raped me for four years – 16-yr-old house help impregnated by master

Child sexual abuse has become more common than you might imagine in Nigeria. It is disheartening though, that the authorities are simply taking a nap on this horrible trend. Unfortunately, families of victims contribute to the problem. But can we really blame them totally in a society where the law enforcement agents does not take these such cases seriously? For instance, hours after I spoke with this girl’s family, they begged me not to publish this story because the family of the suspect has been pleading with them.

The annoying part of the story was when I spoke with the suspect and he told me the girl was possessed and actually seduced him.

Listen here:

Makes me really sad this woman died two days after I interviewed her


Dupe at the traditional orthopaedic hospital where she was given treatment

This woman passed on in excruciating pain two days after I interviewed her (Tell my husband to return my baby –Woman run over with bus by police husband). Her story underscores the pathetic life of victims of domestic abuse in Nigeria.

Her story makes me just really sad because apart from the fact that the assault on her was totally unavoidable, the ignorance of her family probably worsened her case. They took  her to a traditional doctor than an actual orthopaedic hospital.

I still remember the terrible heat and smell emanating from her room at the time of the interview. It is really unfortunate that a lot of people still prefer traditional treatment to actual orthodox hospitals in this part of the world.

May she rest in peace and her husband rot in hell.


The family