I found my doppelganger too!

My doppelganger

My doppelganger

All these talk about people locating their doppelganger sef. Glad I don’t have to worry about where mine is, because I already found him…on the wall of an H&M store on London’s Oxford Street! Lol. Anyway, dude’s a popular model, Armando Cabral.

Find more cool doppelganger stories after the cut

Scientists say everyone has a doppelganger (someone that looks exactly like you but is not your twin).


This pair were spotted on the London Underground wearing matching outfits, sporting almost identical haircuts and both reading the Evening Standard. They were snapped on the District Line by journalist Sophia Sleigh who shared the photo on Twitter.doppel2

According to The Telegraph, when Neil Richardson, 69, moved to Braintree, Essex he was constantly greeted by strangers who insisted on calling him John. John Jemison, 74, is the spitting image of Mr Richardson and lives just miles away. When they finally met, they even discovered that they had attended the same college.


This pair were passengers seated next to each other on a flight . They were both shocked when they looked at each other and realised they looked alike. The wife of one of them shared the photo on social media.


Sara from Sweden traced her doppelgänger, Shannon from Ireland, through the website Twin Strangers. “Our noses, our eyes… we have the exact same ears… lips, expressions, pout, smile… it’s just weird,” said Shannon, after the pair met up in Dublin.


Well, this is certainly not a flattering version of Leo DiCaprio. His doppelganger is  a Russian policeman. Maybe there is another one out there who looks exactly like him, though.doppelganger6

This two are also total strangers. They met on twinstrangers.com.


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