She thought it was only a bad headache, now she needs N10m kidney transplant

Mistura: Now and before

Mistura: Now and before

“Her picture showing a good head of hair – by the way, she is a hairdresser – and a smiling face that seemed to tell the world that she had no worries in the world, bears no resemblance to the gaunt figure that sat on a chair in front of a bungalow in Shomolu area of Lagos, when our correspondent visited.”

“Now, neighbours run away from me when they see me. They don’t want me to ask them for money. It is not my fault; I can’t stand by and watch my precious daughter die. She is precious because she always found a way to put a smile on my face before the illness,” Mistura’s father told me.

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The family has set up an account for members of the public who might want to lend a helping hand to keep Mistura alive. They said donations can be made to the account: Sultan Mistura Martins; First Bank; account number 3056205030.

Please, this is a worthy course. Come to her rescue if you can.


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