Aso Rock’s $25m clinic renovation and grocery-dispensing website

As part of the necessary atmosphere of ‘change’ in Nigeria, politicians have in the past few months called on Nigerians to be prudent as a result of the financial crunch brought about by plummeting oil price, but doesn’t seem like they believe that prudence should apply to them.

Nigeria has a way of making you doubt if you actually know the meaning of some seemingly simple words and terms, which you have heard all your life. One of such words is ‘change’. In the last few months, I have almost been forced to scurry back to my dictionaries and make a reassessment of my understanding of that word anytime I hear a Nigerian politician say it.

Such is the change that Nigeria’s ‘change government’ has brought to the word ‘change’ itself. It is no longer the “act or process by which something becomes different” but “an act or process by which something becomes different in name but not in character.”
Where am I going with all these? Well, the N4.8bn for the Aso Rock clinic and website issue, of course.
Does Mr. President actually believes there is any extraordinary never-heard-before way he or his people will justify a budget of N4bn for a clinic other former Presidents had also equipped in the past, along with an N800m website that will do what exactly? Maybe have the capability of dispensing groceries on the spot?
Mr. President is probably standing in the front of a mirror and saying to himself: “I lead of bunch of hoodwinked baboons.”
Let’s put it in perspective. In 2014, the Ethiopian Airports Enterprise announced a plan to construct three airports at the cost of $64.5m. None of the three airports cost more than $25m! That may not be the best airport in the world. But that is a country that seeks to achieve more with little in the face of limited resources.

Hawassa Airport, Ethiopia - $23m

Hawassa Airport, Ethiopia – $23m


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