I spent a day at the Kirikiri Maximum Prison; Here’s why

After spending a day with inmates of the Ikoyi and Kirikiri prisons, Lagos, KUNLE FALAYI brings an account of what it is like to be serving life sentences and studying for university degrees behind the high walls of incarceration

Some nice inmates with on life sentences that I met at the prisons

I met these nice inmates on life sentences at the prisons

He sat quietly at a corner of the study room. It was as if he didn’t care about every other thing that was happening around him. He held a text book close to his face and he was so engrossed in his reading as if his future depended on what was in the text. He devoted so much attention to the book that one would likely think he had an important exam the next day.
But no, Tunwashe Kabiru didn’t have an exam to write the following day. He is first of all, an inmate of the Kirikiri Maximum Prison in Lagos sentenced to life imprisonment.

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