Why do I see 08:08 everywhere?


Clock on my dashboard

Okay, here it is. I left home early this morning rushing for an appointment. In the usual Lagos traffic, I looked at my dashboard clock and it showed 8:08. Some minutes later, I unconsciously looked at the digital clock screensaver on my phone and it was 8:08! Believe me, I had no idea that my car clock was four minutes ahead of that of my phone. Weird or just pure coincidence? Well, what if I told you that for the last seven years, this has been happening to me?

It all began in 2008 when I first noticed this trend. Believe me or not, I NEVER try to make it happen by looking at digital clocks at exactly 8 minutes after 8. Funny thing is I sometimes try consciously to check the time when I think it should be around 8 o’clock just to see if the sequence will show. It never does. I see it only when I am not thinking about it. It always happens with digital clocks. Thing is, it was initially scary. I mean, who would understand such a weird shit. But now, when I look at a clock and see 8:08, I’m like “Hey you, hi there. Knew I’ll see you today.” And believe me, it has become so common that it will be crazy to call it coincidence.

Well, I’ve read a lot about this trend online and some numerologists kinda make it more scarier. Some even said my alternate self from an alternate universe is trying to send me a message. I’m like “Dude, if you want to send me a message, send me one I’ll freaking understand man!” Lol. Some said a lot about the sub-conscious while some call it life path numbers and some mumbo jumbo that end up confusing one the more.

Anyway, anyone reading this who experiences the same? Please, holla.


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