‘Please, don’t let me go back, she will sell me again’ Part 1 of my report on child slavery in Nigeria


Tosin Adeyanju has been a domestic slave all her life

Tosin Adeyanju rocked the six-month-old baby she was carrying gently to keep the child quiet. As the girl spoke, with a voice that belied the suffering and agony she had endured since she was a child, she looked around in fear.

“Please, help me, I don’t want to go back to that woman. She would take my child away from me and sell me again,” she said. For many days, before that encounter, Tosin had slept on street corners in Mushin area of Lagos – Nigeria’s biggest commercial city – with her baby before a woman, who had known her since she was a child, took her in temporarily.

According to the International Labour Organisation, an estimated 15 million Nigerian children under the age of 14 are trapped in exploitative servitude. Tosin was one of them.

Read her story in the first part of my series on child slavery in Nigeria: The Invisible Children: Agony of child slaves raped, abused by their bosses (Part I)


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