He raped me for four years – 16-yr-old domestic help accuses boss: [Listen to his shocking confession]

Gloria and her baby

Gloria and her baby



16-year-old Gloria (not real name) told me she was 9 when her brother’s friend offered to take her in as a domestic help to ease the financial burden of her family. She alleged that the man, a 33-year-old trader in Lagos, started to abuse her sexually almost on daily basis two years after. She got pregnant and gave birth to a boy six months ago. Read all about it here: ‘Uncle’ raped me for four years – 16-yr-old house help impregnated by master

Child sexual abuse has become more common than you might imagine in Nigeria. It is disheartening though, that the authorities are simply taking a nap on this horrible trend. Unfortunately, families of victims contribute to the problem. But can we really blame them totally in a society where the law enforcement agents does not take these such cases seriously? For instance, hours after I spoke with this girl’s family, they begged me not to publish this story because the family of the suspect has been pleading with them.

The annoying part of the story was when I spoke with the suspect and he told me the girl was possessed and actually seduced him.

Listen here:


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