When homeless men invite Jesus for a drink


They found shelter under the image of Jesus

I saw these men in the coastal town of Brighton in the south of England. Beautiful and peaceful place! A kind of peace like an unblemished dove, descends on one’s soul as one gets off the train in Brighton. Yeah, yeah, call me a romantic.

Even the image of these homeless men did nothing to diminish that beauty which I still can’t detach myself from. I stopped by the road to take their photographs, consciously preparing my body to take flight at any sign of aggression. I mean it won’t be pleasant coming all the way from Nigeria and having two inebriated men smash a bottle over my head. But as it happens, the peaceful nature of Brighton is also in the blood of even homeless inebriated men.

One of them noticed me and beckoned me closer as he posed for more photographs. Many empty bottles were strewn around the two men like an after-party decoration.

Amazing thing is that they are sheltered beside a church, under a sign bearing the image of Jesus. I can imagine one of them in a drunken state raising his bottle to the image, inviting Jesus to join him in a drink. Kudos to the church though. The men found home on the church’s corridor, but the religious house did nothing to drive them away.


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