Britons and security: My visit to a young, hot single mother in Kent

I believe many Britons are crazy…their sense of security is, at least. Okay, let me define crazy here. Crazy is when dude from God-knows-where (that’s me) travels to Longfield, Kent in the southeast of England, a sleepy village of just a little over 4,000, to pick up a camera in the house of a single young British mum (did I mention she was hot? Yeah, she was) in a really secluded neighbourhood and she closes the door behind me and invites me for tea!

Yeah, I know what dirty-minded readers of this blog are actually thinking.

But no, that’s not my point. The point here is she’s crazy enough to do that. How else would I, would I explain her sense of general security in the way she welcomed me? I personally did not think that was wise.
Now, what I am trying to prove is not just about this hot young lady.

My few weeks of stay in London has shown what my African mentality would class as Britons’ general sense of carelessness when it has to do with security.  I have seen countless British people so cavalier about their goods or belongings.

I mean, the other day, I chanced on a red carpet event of GQ Men of the Year Award in my neighbourhood. I stopped to watch like many other yelling youngsters but, I looked around and seemed to be the only one gripping the pocket containing my wallet real tight. Yeah, I’m from Lagos!

Anyway, who am I kidding? Theirs is not a false sense of security. The hot mum  felt secure because she knew to some extent, security even in such a small village, is swift and efficient.

By the way, there are 5.9 million closed-circuit television cameras in the UK, according to the  British Security Industry Authority. That’s one surveillance camera to 11 people y’all!

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