I found my doppelganger too!

My doppelganger

My doppelganger

All these talk about people locating their doppelganger sef. Glad I don’t have to worry about where mine is, because I already found him…on the wall of an H&M store on London’s Oxford Street! Lol. Anyway, dude’s a popular model, Armando Cabral.

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Update on 3-year-old boy who drank caustic soda in school

What do you do when you send your child to school and he drinks a deadly chemical left carelessly around his classroom when he is very thirsty?

I reported Darasimi’s case on Saturday, January 30. Read here: Pupil needs N2.5m to survive after drinking acid in Ogun school

Darasimi: Before and after the lethal drink

Darasimi: Before and after the lethal drink

I was in touch with the Ogun State Commissioner of Education during the week and all she said was that investigation was still ongoing. I hope something serious would be done about this school and its proprietress.

Here is my update on the boy this week: Darasimi’s father spoke with me

Also, here is my expose on how many of these private nursery schools, creche and day cares may be killing your child

She thought it was only a bad headache, now she needs N10m kidney transplant

Mistura: Now and before

Mistura: Now and before

“Her picture showing a good head of hair – by the way, she is a hairdresser – and a smiling face that seemed to tell the world that she had no worries in the world, bears no resemblance to the gaunt figure that sat on a chair in front of a bungalow in Shomolu area of Lagos, when our correspondent visited.”

“Now, neighbours run away from me when they see me. They don’t want me to ask them for money. It is not my fault; I can’t stand by and watch my precious daughter die. She is precious because she always found a way to put a smile on my face before the illness,” Mistura’s father told me.

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The family has set up an account for members of the public who might want to lend a helping hand to keep Mistura alive. They said donations can be made to the account: Sultan Mistura Martins; First Bank; account number 3056205030.

Please, this is a worthy course. Come to her rescue if you can.

‘Wunmi & Yomi’s Pre-wedding Photo-shoot

Yes. I finally came out of the closet! Not that closet, man. Damn! I’m talking about finally letting the world know one secret about me. That I absolutely love making lovely images with my camera! Not what you thought, right?

Anyway, I recently did a photo-shoot of my dear friend, Yomi, and his fiancee, ‘Wunmi (They gon’ be man and wife by February 20, ya’ll).

Yomi and Wunmi

One thing about a great location and a lovely couple (and a photographer who knows how to suitably tweak the lights) is that you can absolutely preserve a beautiful moment forever in images.

Well, the couple told me not to reveal the location of the shoot though. Lol. More photos from the shoot below.

DSC_0394 copyDSC_0297DSC_0350 copy


Mortuaries are filled in Nigeria but hospitals reject patients

An Accident Scene in Nigeria; any paramedic in sight?

An Accident Scene in Nigeria; any paramedic in sight?

“While blood trickled from a side of the boss’ head on to his white attire as he sat on the side of the road, the driver, a man who seemed to be in his early 30s, could not even sit up. The young man was a sorry sight as he gasped. His jaw looked maligned while his eyes had swollen. Blood trickled from his nose and mouth. But there was simply nothing travellers standing around and shaking their heads could do for him.

“He simply bled, dying by each pint.”

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I was Alfa’s sex slave for 2 years, this Lagos housewife told me

“I narrated the dream to him and he told me that a spirit husband was behind my problem. He said the problem required an urgent solution so that the spirit husband would not be able to kill me. When he came, he brought out a razor and some medicine he had prepared and said he would need to make an incision on my private part. I asked why he couldn’t just explain how it would be done so that my husband could do it for me when he came back from work but he said that it was a taboo for husbands to handle such medicine.”

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I had to listen to this woman with an open mind as she told me this story. I still could not these things still happen.